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Teachers are always looking for ways to keep the attention of their students. Molecular gastronomy is a fun and interesting way for kids to learn lessons across a wide variety of subjects from science to math to reading to cooking.


Get ready for fun and learning in the chemistry kitchen

All the chemical reactions that occur when cooking provide great material for science lessons. From diffusion to elasticity to phase transitions, molecular gastronomy gives kids real world experiences with some of the most important concepts in science.

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Math is a critical skill for success with Molecular Gastronomy

Each ingredient in a recipe has a precise measurement associated with it. This provides an opportunity to discuss and explore different types of measuring devices used in Molecular Gastronomy. Students will have to learn how to use these measuring devices precisely in order to have a successful outcome. Students will learn to calculate and convert volume, weight, temperature and time.


YumScience challenges students to build their reading skills and vocabulary.

In order to follow a recipe, you have to read. With Molecular Gastronomy, students will not only have to read the step-by-step instructions, they will also have to learn many new vocabulary and spelling words associated with the recipes, including ingredients, tools and the scientific principles that make the recipe work.

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Kids who cook turn into adults who cook. That's a fact.

Teaching children the basics of cooking early on will provide valuable lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime. With Molecular Gastronomy, kids will not only learn how to use basic kitchen tools, they’ll also learn about the more advanced culinary concepts such as flavor and texture.


When eating healthy is fun, kids will eat healthy.

It’s hard to get kids to try new foods. Unless you make them fun. Molecular Gastronomy does that. Carrots made into spheres. Tomatoes made into foams. With Molecular Gastronomy, you can actually get children to have fun eating food that’s good for them!

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